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We're Not on a Journey, We Are the Journey

We're Not on a Journey, We Are the Journey

A few weeks ago I was honored to be invited to share the story of my journey to becoming a therapist and coach.

This is the first time I've ever done an interview of this kind. Brandon Baker is a wonderfully warm and skilled interviewer, and I feel really fortunate to be included as a guest on The Coach's Circle podcast.

I encourage anyone who is considering working with me to listen to the interview. It is often through this kind of media that we get a clear, gut-level feeling about whom would be best for us to work with.

Because this is my first interview of this kind, I'd like to correct an error. I refer to "The Satir Method" many times throughout the interview as I discuss my work. This is not the correct term. I should have used the terms "The Satir Model" and "Satir Transformational Systems."

I did refer to Satir Transformational Systems several times. This is the name of the modality taught at the Satir Institute of the Pacific, where I receive my initial and ongoing training.

I welcome your feedback and wish you continued excitement on the journey that is YOUR life!


Direct link to interview on The Coach's Circle Podcast website

Interview on The Coach's Circle Podcast through Spotify

The Coach's Circle Podcast is presented by Life Coach Path. The mission at LCP is to make the transition to becoming a coach as seamless as possible. From interviewing real world coaches and therapists, to providing the latest on coaching methods and strategies, to a complete certification guide, Life Coach Path aims to become the world's #1 resource for aspiring coaches.

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