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For services in the office, or using HIPAA-compliant telehealth.

The Midwest Center for Transformational Change's standard, hourly fee for mental health counseling, coaching and consulting is $160 per 50 minute hour.

A discount is offered to clients committing to a course of treatment (scheduling weekly or every 2 weeks) and paying in full at the time of session or immediately prior (as for telehealth) by check or credit card, for a total of $135 per session (up to 1 hour).

A limited number of reduced fee spaces are offered for those who are interested in receiving mental health counseling services, assessed as appropriate for the level of care available through our practice, who commit to a course of treatment, and who meet the income and asset qualifications.

​Income qualifications are based on the current Federal Poverty Guidelines, which may be found here.

​Those with income between 200%-300% of the income guidelines for their household as determined by the Federal Poverty Guidelines website, with liquid assets of less than $10,000 (or extenuating circumstances) will be offered a 53% discount or a rate of $75 per hour.

Those with income less than 200% of the income guidelines for their household as determined by the Federal Poverty Guidelines website, with liquid assets of less than $10,000 (or extenuating circumstances) will be offered a 63% discount or a rate of $60 per hour.


Special Rates for Former Clients

During this time of Covid-19, former clients experiencing economic hardship may be offered additional discounts, depending on circumstances. Please reach out by email or phone.

​Former clients will be assessed as to appropriateness for the level of care Connection Is, LLC provides according to the same criteria as new clients, and these steeply reduced rates will be based on schedule availability.

​Recertification for all reduced fee agreements will be required every six months.

​If you would like to apply for a reduced fee, you may download the application here. Please schedule a consultation phone or telehealth call first, then submit completed application through email, including copies of backup documents.


Connection Is, LLC is committed to working with clients who have insurance through the companies with whom we are contracted.

A list of those companies is below. Our relationships with insurance companies do change periodically, and seeing your company on the list does not guarantee coverage. The best way to determine if we are in network with your insurance company is to call the member services number on the back of your card and ask whether the provider is in network, the details about what is covered, and what costs you will be responsible for.

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross; Blue Shield; Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • EAP partners: Kepro (State of Iowa employees), Workplace Solutions, Workplace Options
  • Hawki
  • HealthPartners (limited participation)
  • IA Health Link
  • Iowa Total Care
  • Medica
  • Medicaid (Iowa only)
  • Midlands Choice
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Wellmark

We will gladly provide an appropriately annotated bill for clients using FSA or HSA, or applying for out of network reimbursement from their health insurance.

The Midwest Center for Transformational Change does not accept payment from third parties, with the exception of health insurance and EAP companies.

We regret that we are unable to bill insurance for clients who are recipients of Medicare. We are prevented from doing so due to exclusions placed by Medicare on certain categories of license. If this is troubling for you, please visit these websites for more information:,

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