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Family Conflict Specialist

Anne Lindyberg, LMHC -  - Mental Health Counseling

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Anne Lindyberg, LMHC

Mental Health Counseling & Psychotherapy located in Cedar Rapids, IA

Family conflict is stressful, depressing, and anxiety-inducing — all good reasons to reach out for professional help when you’re struggling with it. At the Midwest Center for Transformational Change in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, experienced licensed mental health counselor Anne Lindyberg, MS, LMHC, provides personalized help with family conflict using a robust, evidence-based treatment model. Call the office or click on the scheduling link to make your appointment now. Telehealth appointments are available.

Family Conflict Q&A

What is family conflict?

Family conflict is a difference in opinion between two people. Usually, family conflicts occur between family members, but they can also develop in many other situations, such as conflicts between spouses or extended family.

While good communication can resolve some conflicts fairly quickly, other conflicts may continue and even worsen. Ongoing family conflict can cause depression, anxiety, stress, and other types of mental health distress in both you and the other person involved. 

What causes family conflict?

Many things can lead to family conflict. The people involved might have different backgrounds, upbringings, belief systems, political stances, or personal preferences. 

Or, maybe it’s a clash of different personalities, which can make it difficult to understand where the other person's coming from.

No matter what the differences are, therapy at the Midwest Center for Transformational Change can help you understand and interact with the other person in a better and healthier way. 

When should I seek help for family conflict?

Signs that family conflict is causing challenging changes in your life may include: 

  • Frequent preoccupation with the conflicted relationship
  • Anger when you think about the conflict
  • Stress or anxiety when you’re around the other person or you think about the conflict
  • Avoiding the person to avoid the conflict
  • Making negative changes in your life because of the conflicted relationship

If family conflict occupies your thoughts frequently or even constantly, it’s taking up too much of your mental energy, and it might be time to see Anne for help.

How does family conflict therapy work?

At the Midwest Center for Transformational Change, Anne works primarily with one person in the relationship.

Her approach is a robust, evidence-based model that includes the Satir Model (Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR®) therapy.

With these powerful approaches, you learn how to change your reactions and communicate more effectively with the person you’re in conflict with. The conflict then becomes less of a focus and no longer holds the same power over your mental health. 

You deserve to have a full and well-rounded life in which your relationships don’t cause undue stress, depression, or anxiety. Learn how to make that happen by calling the Midwest Center for Transformational Change, or click the provided booking link now.